University of Ottawa Alumni Travel Program


  June 21 to July 1 The Great Journey through Europe
Featuring the Glacier Express Small Deluxe River Ship Amadeus Fleet
July 7 to 17 Normandy, 70th Anniversary of D-Day
Walk through history on this exclusive journey through Normandy
  August 2 to 14 Iceland to Greenland
Voyage to the Artic Circle
Sep 1 to 13 Symphony on the Blue Danube
A Classical Music Cruise
Sep 26 to Oct 4 Trade routes of Coastal Iberia
Aboard the Exclusively Chartered, Five-Star Small Ship M.V. Tere Moana
Nov 19 to 30 Panama Canal - A Centennial Celebration
Cruise in luxury aboard Crystal Serenity


  January 23 to 31

Wonders of the Galápagos Islands
Voyage of Discovery

 Machu Picchu February 19 to 27

Peru featuring Machu Picchu

 Chobe River Safari aboard the M.S. ZAMBEZI QUEEN March 19 to 30

Pride of South Africa, Namibia, Botswana
Chobe River Safari aboard the M.S. Zambezi Queen

 Coast of Europe May 16 to 31 Cruise the face of Europe
 Italian Lakes Varenna Parco Monastero May 30 to June 7 Village Life around the Italian Lakes
 Cinque Terre, Italy Aug 28 to Sep 5

Cruising the Rivieras and Islands of France, Italy and Spain 
Aboard the Exclusively Chartered, Five-Star Small Ship M.V. Tere Moana

 View of Santorini in Greece Sept 28 to 0ct 6 Island Life in Ancient Greece and Turkey
 Vesuvius Pompeii October 6 to 14

Amalfi Coast: The Divine Coast                            

 Jerusalem, Israel October 17 to 28 Voyage To Antiquity: Israel to Athens
Israel/Cyprus/Turkey/Greece Small Ship M.Y. Variety Voyager
 Portugal in the Fall: Duoro Vineyard October 18 to 29 

Portugal: Food & Wine Exploration                        

Alumni Travel Program
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