Lifelong Learning

Many alumni feel the desire to return to studies, whether it is to retrain, to refresh, or to follow new interests.  The University of Ottawa offers numerous services to part-time or full-time students to help them achieve their academic goals.  This page gives a listing of essential services. 

Continuing Education

The Centre for Continuing Education offers many courses to improve your competencies or to learn just for fun.

  • The Personal Enrichment Activities are non-credited courses and are open to the general public. If you're looking simply to sharpen your knowledge then this is the choice for you.
  • If you are looking for result-oriented training programs, geared to your professional needs, many workshops are available in the Professional Development Workshops.


You may have used our on-line resource to get your Alumni Association card, but InfoWeb has many other useful services when you return to school. For instance, this is where you can check your application status or scholarship listings, register online, and view your grades reports.

Official Documents Request

Turn to the Official Documents Request service if you wish to order a transcript, a diploma duplicate, a statement of studies or of degree conferred, or a similar document.

Special Students

Many courses are available a la carte, for the pleasure of learning on a part-time basis. Special students are those who register either for credit or as auditors (just to sit in), but are not seeking a degree, diploma or certificate. Courses are generally at the undergraduate level. A select number of graduate courses may be available to qualified students, in which case it is best to contact the academic department directly.

Auditing a Course

Auditors are students who are authorized to register without obtaining credits, either at the undergraduate or graduate level.  Each faculty offers a number of courses for which auditing is accepted.  To get complete information on the possibilities, please contact the faculty directly, see Faculties and Departments.

Studying Full-time

There are distinct application procedures for each level of study, whether undergraduate, professional, or graduate. The Prospective Students’ page lists them all.