Talimg Stock - 2nd Annual Canadian Food Law & Policy Conference - November 2-4, 2017

Taking Stock: The State of Food Law in Canada

What role does law and policy play in governing our food systems? What values currently underpin our food laws and policies? In what ways are food laws, policies and regulatory tools successful in building just, equitable, vibrant, innovative, resilient and sustainable food systems? In what ways do they contribute to hunger, malnutrition, social exclusion, contamination, exploitation and environmental degradation? What new developments in case law and regulation are impacting industry, producers and consumers? How are Canada’s food laws and policies impacting food systems abroad, and how are they influenced by international and transnational laws and standards? What role does Canada play in global food system governance?

From November 2-4, 2017, the University of Ottawa Faculty of Law and partners will bring together thought leaders and stakeholders for a three-day national conference to address these important questions and to help chart the future of food law and policy in Canada.

Please register for the conference – we look forward to welcoming you to Ottawa in November.

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